Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing the ModMachine

ModMachine Client generation

  1. Download the Workshop Tools
  2. Create a customization template within the workshop by choosing your desired game, the client language and your update URL . This is the URL, which will directly contain your update files. You can even brand your client to fit it to the server name.
  3. Click on the button “Generate new ModMachine Client” and select a folder, where you want to generate all Client files in.
  4. Send your clients all ModMachine Client files (which are in fact these files). All generated files are portable and can be packed into an archive and sent to your clients.

The server initialization

  1. Create your first client initialization update within the ModMachine Workshop by importing your current game files (those which should be updated later, any “mod” folder for example.
  2. Finish creation by editing the new update’s version number. Optionally enable the update compression to improve client’s download speed and minimize update size.
  3. Publish the update to all clients by uploading all generated files to the correct web server path (the one you set in step 2) or simply use the built-in auto-upload feature of the ModMachine Workshop (coming soon)
  4. Tell your clients that they now can start the ModMachine by