Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a client template

  1. Open the ModMachine Workshop and choose the tab “Template Generator”
  2. Select your desired client language, which then will be used for all clients. Alternatively you can tick the checkbox “Automatically select language on client systems instead” to fit the client language to each computer localization it’s running on (as long as the computer language is supported by the ModMachine – see Currently supported languages
  3. Now select your desired game mode, which is the game you want the ModMachine to work with (also see Currently supported games). If your game is currently not yet supported, you can use the Custom game modules to design a custom game mode.
  4. In some cases, there are multiple games within a game mode supported (for example games with spin-offs). If not required, ignore this setting
  5. Now enter the desired game name, which should be used within the ModiFire ModMachine. This can also be a fictional name to brand the ModMachine to your server, for example “Best gameserver on earth”.
  6. Next, select the desired update mode. Currently, there’s only one update mode called “Online”, which enables the client to search actively for updates at a valid web path.
  7. Lastly, enter the web path to your update server (which can be any type of HTTP server with a valid and reachable web address, even locally via or at a free, hosted webspace. Notice, that you’ll need to upload all of your update files to it, so it needs to have some space. See serverside space requirements for more information).
  8. Now press “Create new ModMachine client template” and select the path you want to save the template file to.
  9. Click “Save” and you’re done !