[Workshop] Preview Build #204W released

A new preview build of the ModMachine Workshop has been released. Build #204W enables the redesigned template generator added in workshop build #196W and improved the Workshop design and functionality. Also the first 4 game modules have been added :

Providing support for :
Minecraft Vanilla* (Technic Launcher),
TestPackPleaseIgnore aka. TPPI,
Tekkit Lite,
Tekkit Legends,
Tekkit Classic,
Blightfall and
Attack of the B-TeamMinecraft

*Minecraft Vanilla is currently supported via the Technic Launcher only, support for the “classic” Minecraft Launcher will be available via a separate game module (called Minecraft:Vanilla)

CustomModule:A, CustomModule:B, CustomModule:C
Providing support for:
Your own or not yet natively implemented games or applications*

*More information on how these modules work will be available within the next weeks in the FAQ.

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