[ModiFire News #003] Feature summary

During the last weeks, we’ve added some improvements to the basic ModiFire user interface (graphical buttons are now clickable !!).

In addition, we summarized the first planned features as follows:

ModiFire will be a complete and modular mod management system, which enables you to install, edit and delete mods with a single click. The core part will be the free modding marketplace called ModHub containing a huge number of mods for your favourite games.

With its built-in community features, you’re able to stay in contact with your favourite modpack designers, report bugs, vote for modpacks and share tips, tricks and workarounds.

To install mods, simply search the online ModHub for your desired mods or select the top-voted ones, click ‘Download’ – and that’s it! ModiFire will take care of the downloading and installation process.

Don’t want a mod anymore? Select it in the local game overview and press ‘Uninstall’ and you’re done!

ModiFire will be mostly modular*: You need other UI languages or want ModiFire to support third-party software?
Simply create your own ModiFire module, import it into the ModiFire client and you’re good to go!
If you want to make it available for other users, feel free to upload it to the ModHub.

* The exact scope of modularity is not yet defined


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