Project ModMachine

Download and install mods with a single click

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What is ModiFire ModMachine?

For gamers :

ModiFire ModMachine is a free and lightweight mod management software, which keeps all of your favourite game server files and mods automatically up-to-date.
It enables you to install, update, downgrade and delete mods with a single click and without further action to the latest version the server supports – never waste your time by manually updating your server mods again and play on your favourite server’s at once. Let the machine handle things for you!

For server hosters :

No need to tell the server clients, which mods they need to install or update to be able to connect to your server anymore!

Simply use Project ModMachine, which installs, deletes, updates and downgrades your client’s mods and files the way you want and it fits to your server, so everyone is able to play on your server at once and without any hassle.

For software / game designers :

You’re looking for a lightweight updater solution for your software or game? No problem!

Project ModMachine also supports classical file updates!

How does it work?

The ModMachine Project consists out of 2 main tools

Those are the so-called ModMachine Client (client features) and the ModMachine Workshop (server toolset).

The ModMachine Client is intended to be installed on any client’s computer and uses a customization template to fit your game.
On client startup, the software checks a webpath given in the template file for available updates, which then will be downloaded and installed on the client’s system.

Both, the ModMachine Client and the update files, can be generated by the server hoster using the ModMachine Workshop and then uploaded to the webserver to be available for the clients.

License Information

While in alpha, both the ModMachine Client and the ModMachine Workshop Tools are generally licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0

For commercial usage, feel free to contact us and request a Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0 version of ModMachine (that’s simply because ModMachine is currently not intended to be used in production environments)