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What is ModiFire?

For gamers :

ModiFire is a complete mod management system, which enables you to install, edit and delete mods with a single click.

On the free ModiFire modding marketplace you’ll find a huge number of mods for your favourite games.

With the built-in community features, you’re able to stay in contact with your favourite modpack designers, report bugs and share tips and tricks.

For modpack designers :

With ModiFire, you’re able to share your great stuff in no time with the ModiFire community using the built-in ModiFire Designer Tools.

Create ModiFire modpacks with the Modpack Designer and upload them within the ModiFire software to the modding marketplace.

For server hosters :

No need to tell the server clients, which mods they need to install or update to be able to connect to your server again!

Simply use ModiFire FireConnect, which installs, upgrades and updates your client’s mods the way you want,
so they are able to play on your server at once and without any hassle.